Episode Technologies

We are a boutique software solution company providing technology solutions of the highest caliber indistinguishable from the magic that works like a charm for businesses of every size - from small enterprises to global multinational companies.

Our Company

We care about your company as much as we care about ours. While some companies try to earn as much as possible on you, our expert team, adhering to agile methodology, saves you as much time & money as possible while offering superior quality service with reduced risk. With a significant client presence worldwide, we harness disruptive technologies and do things others don't.

Our Mission

To accelerate the transformation of businesses by harnessing bleeding-edge technologies.

Our Vision

To be a successful global boutique software solution company trusted by businesses for its service excellence.

Our Approach

With multiple agile practices in the company’s arsenal, we comfortably adapt to shifts in customer behavior, industry standards and strive to provide tangible results within your budget. Integrating quality assurance in the project, we actively engage stakeholders to guarantee better user satisfaction.


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Our Team

Jey Anand

Founder, CEO



Indrakumar R

Full Stack Developer

Madhan Kumar S V

Software Developer

Balamurugan P

Full Stack Developer

Nandhakumar P

Full Stack Developer

Ragul K

Full Stack Developer

Amudhavan M

Software Developer

Felix Varun J

Mobile Application Developer

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Ready to get started?

Grow your Business while we do the magic


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